It’s an Exciting Time to Be Aging!

There is an expression that goes something like this: “Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened!” I have been asking myself this very question recently as I will be turning 49 later this year!

Forty passed without incidence and very few tears, but 50 is looming fast! How did this happen, where has the time gone? Oh, and by the way… my 24 year old daughter could technically make me a grandmother! I can’t possibly be old enough to be a grandmother, can I!?

With age comes the things we cherish: Wisdom, patience, and a deeper understanding of how truly wonderful life is! The follies of our youth gone, replaced with a sincere wish that we could keep all of the “life lessons” that we have learned along the way, but still also have our youth.

Technology, research and education have proven that it is possible to maintain our health and energy until the very late stages of life, which is why it is such an exciting time to be working in the anti-aging industry.

SHH listen closely…Nothing – and I say NOTHING – available today will bring back that 20 year old face or give us a perfect face! But, there are so many treatments available today that are able to give us “our best face” at whatever age we might be!

Diet, exercise, and adequate water intake are the building blocks for great skin. Next, I stress the same advice to every client I have the pleasure of meeting: Wash your face at night, moisturize, and wear your sunscreen! But, when clients are looking to do more for their skin than basic care, that’s when it gets really exciting!

There are things we do for maintenance and there are things we can do to correct issues. BOTOX, fillers, and laser treatments are all corrective. But, the most basic service we can do in a medical spa to maintain and/or improve the health of our skin is to exfoliate. This can be done one of two ways: through microdermabrasion or a chemical peel.

When we regularly exfoliate the top dead layers of skin, two things are happening:

  1. You get the immediate benefit of improving all of the skin’s issues (fine lines, texture, pore size, and in some cases pigmentation)
  2. You are also getting a cumulative effect in that any time we injure the skin, we stimulate the skin to repair itself – which builds collagen.

A lot of people prefer microdermabrasion because they don’t have to go through the “peeling process.” But, some people are not good candidates for a microdermabrasion (i.e. acneic, rocacea, people who are prone to spider veins on the face). Plus, chemical peels are better for pigmentation issues.

The “peeling process” scares a lot of people, which brings me to the point of this blog: I am extremely happy to introduce Glytone professional peels by Enerpeel.
The wonderful thing about Glytone peels is that they take the fear out of peeling! Even though these are medium-depth medical grade peels, “normal” for these peels is dry and flaky skin. It is now possible to obtain all of the benefits of a chemical peel without scaring your friends and coworkers! Nova will now be providing a variety of Glytone peels.

  • The Eye and Lip Peel: This is a maintenance peel specifically designed for the eye and lip. With regular treatment, you will be able to improve the texture, tone, and any superficial darkening of the skin. The first four treatments are done two weeks apart with maintenance treatments being done at 2-3 month intervals.
  • The Pa Peel: The Pa Peel is a great option for mild to moderate acne issues, especially for teens who do not want the embarrassment of actively peeling. But, it also makes a great maintenance peel for the face, yielding improvement in the skin’s surface issues and maximum collagen stimulation. This peel is so gentle on the skin that maintenance treatments can be done as often as once a month.
  • TCA Hand Peel: Have you ever wondered what you could do to improve the texture, tone and pigmentation issues of the hands? Well, this is it! The eyes and the hands are the first areas that give our age away, and now we have two great peels that specifically address these!
  • TCA – LP: This is a great peel for anti-aging. It addresses the deeper skin issues as we age. It will soften deeper wrinkles and textural issues. With this peel, you will have more exfoliation of the surface layers of skin. Because of this, it is best to do this peel during the fall and winter months. Maintenance would be once every 3-4 months.

As I reluctantly admit that I may be old enough to sit at the “grown up table,” I can also honestly say that there are two places that I invest my money: My skin and my home. I figure these are the two places where I will see my biggest return!

By novamedspa