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Skin Care Resolutions for 2015

Ah, New Year’s… the perfect time for all kinds of resolutions!  We’re sure many of you are pledging to eat out less, exercise more, or perhaps to even quit smoking.  These are all wonderful resolutions for health, but let’s not forget about our skin! This year, resolve to also take better care of your skin.  No more falling ... More

Combating Dry Winter Skin

The colder temperatures and lack of humidity often lead to dry, red skin.  I personally find my skin gets dry at this time of the year if i’m not proactive with my skin care regimen.  So, what can we do to prevent or manage this? I recommend gentle exfoliation through alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic.  The Clarisonic brush is ... More

Essential Oils: What They Are & How They’re Used

Have you heard all of the buzz about essential oils lately?  I certainly have! I’ve also met about three business leaders over the past month representing varying essential oil companies.  Their growth in popularity is unsurprising, given the evolution of healthcare and our increased level of weariness for prescription medications.  I ... More