$ 79.99

with desert botanicals. 28 Pads per container

Introducing Impress®. A simple, affordable, results-driven, one-minute, anti-aging skin care system that makes it look as if you spent hours on your skin. With Impress®, the hassle of a lengthy skincare routine is a thing of the past. Yet the visible results of the one-facial-pad-per day Impress® skincare system are so apparent. It’s a great alternative to expensive laser treatments.

No other product on the market provides all of the necessary anti-aging formulas in one convenient package. Impress® provides the three necessary formulas in one box, each on separately sealed disposable pads that fit easily over your fingertips for effortless application. Three unique formulas, one pad per day, it’s genius! Each of the 3 pads contains a different and unique formulation critical to the anti-aging process to firm, lift, even coloration, brighten, exfoliate, rejuvenate and protect ALL IN ONE EASY STEP PER DAY!