Love The Skin You’re In

Serving Evergreen and our surrounding mountain area for 19 years, we understand that natural aging and the Colorado climate pose a challenge for our skin. Our mission is to provide the most advanced, minimally invasive results in a professional yet comfortable environment.

Medical Aesthetics operates under the direction and supervision of a Dr. James Hutcherson, MD and Brenda Cumming, RN/Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. With over 45 years of combined experience in medical grade treatments, they have the qualifications and the proficiency to help you improve your appearance and self-confidence.

We understand that cosmetic procedures are very personal (and sometimes a little scary!) so we strive to answer all of your questions while providing guidance to help you achieve your youthful look.

Come in and let us design a therapy to fit your individual needs and budget. We offer free initial consultations and monthly offers. Please visit our Specials page for current values.


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Q & A

You have questions? We have answers!

  • How many Units of Botox do I need?

    This is a very frequently asked question! 20 units are approved by the FDA for between the eyes, or the elevens, or frown lines as we call them but everyone is different, so once we meet face to face it will be easier to show you. We inject Botox in a very conservative manner and always lean towards less units for best results.

  • How many laser hair removal treatments would I need?

    The typical client would receive 6-8 with 1 or 2 maintenance treatments a year.

  • What is YAG?

    YAG is a specific type of laser that treats spider veins on face and legs.

  • What if I don’t know what I need?

    That's what we're here for. We offer complimentary consultations and can sit down with you and let you know what we would recommend for you.

  • Does getting permanent makeup hurt?

    As I tell my clients everyone’s tolerance is different but I use a numbing cream prior to the service to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Most feel what they call a “plucking sensation” during the implantation.

  • How long does permanent makeup last?

    Even though it is referred to as “Permanent” many things can fade your color over time such as antiaging products that contain AHA’s or BHA’s, medications, hormones and sun. The lighter the pigment the softer the pigment becomes more quickly. Usually with a lighter color clients will see me within a year or two to crisp up the lines.

  • Will I look bad after having permanent makeup?

    While everyone can react differently with swelling or redness most have no complications or downtime. During your initial consultation I have a guideline of things to avoid that prevent or lessen any swelling or bleeding during and after the procedure.